Massud Matin & Smissou | Samochai EP | LLNOFF004

Track list:

A: Massud Matin – Zal
B: Smisou – Chanj

  • 33,3 & 45 RPM


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LumieresLaNuit (LLN) is glad to introduce you to Samochai (LLNOFF004), 4th release of its OFF series by Bremen-based music producers and DJs Massud Matin & Smisou.

Samochai EP presents two different atmospheres that Lumi resLaNuit and its OFF Series are particularly fond of: deep- and dub-techno. Indeed, whereas Massud Matin take us out of ourselves with the deep, atmospheric and mindblowing beats of “Zal”, Smisou immerses us in his musical world with the dubby, cadenced and aquatic beats of “Chanj”. Massud Matin & Smisou celebrate the same music since 2012.

The beginning of their collaboration was marked by a couple of digital releases like Smisou s remix of Massud Matin s Come On (2015) and his Keemun EP (2016) in collaboration with Miynn on Samani that also includes a remix by Massud Matin. More recently, Massud Matin & Smisou released Parand de Muth on Brosh records.

Finally, in December 2017, Massud Matin brought out his first vinyl EP Like You (TPRL03) on Romanian label Tupiar Records.

350g/m2 coated black paper, uncoated white inside. Sticker with release information.

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