How to shopping

New customer registration
1.1. Registration is not necessary for making an order, you can also be unregistered
1.2. When you decide to register (fill in all mandatory fields in the Registration section and confirm the registration), you will get the following benefits:
1.2.1. The next time you make a purchase, you will not have to fill in your contact information again in the shopping cart.
1.2.2. When you are interested, we will send you information newsletters with interesting events and news.
1.2.3. You will easily find history of your orders.

Customer login
2.1. Enter your login name and password to log in the log in page, or you can easily log in by your Facebook or Google account.
2.2. When you accidentally forgot your password, find Lost Password page and just enter your email address that you entered during registration and your login details will be sent to your email immediately.
3.1. The shopping cart can be filled either directly from the list of goods in the given category (by clicking on the “Add to cart” icon) or from the list of detailed information about the given goods (same procedure).

4.1. We offer a wide range of payment options through reputable payment financial institutions. debit card, credit card, sofort payment, giropay payment directly from your favourite bank and Mollie payment. 
4.2. We accept apple pay payment.
4.3. possible to pay by Euro currency only.

Sending an order
5.1. Simply send the order via the checkout page and complete the order. If you shopping using apple pay, google pay or PayPal , just complete the order on the cart page.
5.2. You have to fill in the information needed for sending (name and surname, address,…). When you pay an Apple pay, google pay or PayPal , those informations are automatically paired with your account.
5.3. After order is sent and payed, You will receive a recapitulation of your order with a list of individual items, the status of your order, as well an invoice and the tracking number of the package.
5.4. We send completed orders no later than 48 hours (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). If the order is ordered by the buyer and paid by 12:00, it will be shipped the same day.

Goods out of stock
6.1. If the goods you are interested in are not currently in the stock, You can apply for Notify via email on the product page, where you find application under the playlist. You will receive information that your favourite goods is available for buy.

7.1. Enter the search term in the search field and press Enter or left-click on the Search button.
7.2. During searching you can use a whisperer that automatically offers matching phrases as you type.

8.1. Follow return policy on the Terms & Conditions page.
8.2. Under link you can find postage cost.
8.3. We do offer refund policy, you will find refund shipping cost at the shipping & payment page.

Shopping Cart
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