Various Artists | Essential Memories EP Part 3 | Emerald012

Track list:

A1: Remco Beekwilder – Staalplaat
A2: Ryuji Takeuchi – Sonoran District
A3-Danilo Incorvaia–Maledicta
B1: Black Kawa$aki Ninja – Storm Chaser (90’s Drum Tool Version)
B2: Tim Tama – Damage Per Second
B3: Remco Beekwilder – Call Upon The Shivers
C1: Remco Beekwilder – Bonebreaker
C2: Introversion – Inosensu To Bato
C3: Plaintiffs – NAP
D1: Fractions – Afterburn
D2: Jerm – Needle Mover
D3: Remco Beekwilder – Liberation Of The Underworld

  • 33,3 & 45 RPM


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The VA series is facing it’s 3th landmark with 12 tracks featured on Essential Memories EP Part III. A return trip for some, a debut for others, keeping the electronic banner alive with cuts destined to nightlife.

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