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Deepak Sharma unleashes his most intense work on Hidden with Bedlam, a forceful, punishing and sinister sounding four-track EP including a remix by NX1. The music is versatile yet functional and centered on being a potent DJ tool for cerebral endurance. It should be known that the word bedlam came about as a contraction of the name of a psychiatric hospital in London. This hospital started out in 1247 as a priory for the order of St. Mary of Bethlehem.

Side A begins with Bedlam prodding the senses through coarse textures, distorted tones and a steadfast groove to keep energy at a feverish pace, propelling the mind into hysteria. The NX1 remix is savage anarchy, shocking the body into utter madness and raw anger. Listen closely and you’ll hear the wails for help trying to escape the harrowing chamber of torment and terror.

Side B begins with Psychosis which maneuvers through stark minimalism with subtle fluctuations of perpetual motion liberating the mind from captivity. Mania uses pounding grooves to occupy a cavernous space, evoking wild images of inmates conquering an asylum with no rules nor restrictions in conflict; aggressive in rebellion with nothing to lose and ominous consequences.

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