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The Jerusalem-born, Tel Aviv-based producer Roy Rosenfeld has a reputation as one of the last true leaders of the authentic club culture and this release proves that his talents stretch even way beyond that. With a mind as distinctive as his soul, though, Rosenfeld puts that nostalgic structure in a globetrotting artistic framework which makes everything both familiar and innovative. His creative ability to respond to the context according to the circumstances is impeccable. Accordingly high are the expectations of a producer of his caliber, but those expectations are more than met by the groundbreaking opus found on this 40-minute material. The title track floats on a cool Middle Eastern ambience with a sophisticated late night theme exposing those seductive traces of piano wandering, while the sequencing throughout the album is handled perfectly. One might think a genre only has so much potential to be taken to new places, but Roy doesn’t feel that way. This unique release includes two guest artists – Guy J and Eli Nissan, making this new release even more special. Guy J and Roy Rosenfeld have joined forces to create ‘Aroma’, an album’s peak, and one that deserves to reach a bigger audience. To make everything better, Eli Nissan jumps in with an awesome conception into the track ‘There’ with his peculiar hypnotic vibes. The transcendent mood is maintained throughout the album. The styles may vary, but the feel is profound and trance-inducing. It is a synthesizer album with a difference, an inner journey detached from the outside world. Dive down the rabbit hole!

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