Cortex Thrill | 3.0 – Vinyl Album Sampler | Bv2021018

Track list:

A1: Quantum Pulse (Original Mix)
A2: Levitania (Original Mix)
A3: Stella Amnis (Original Mix)
B1: Eternia (Original Mix)
B2: Singularity (Original Mix)
B3: Deep Infinity (2020 Remake)

  • 33,3 & 45 RPM


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“After the recent success of their latest studio album – 3.0, Croatian outfit Cortex Thrill are back on Bonzai plastic, 26 years since their last Bonzai vinyl release with the 6 track – 3.0 Vinyl Album Sampler.
Still in the throes of celebrating their 30 years on the scene, Ivo T. Montina, Sven Gleda and Robert Grizilo make up Cortex Thrill, and together, they dug deep to create this legacy project across 3 different studios using video conferencing. They used new production and mastering techniques which shows their dedication and drive to move with the times. Back in 1994, fresh faced and full of energy, Cortex Thrill were signed to Bonzai Records and several top-notch 12’s soon followed as they carved a niche on the scene in just a few short years. Live P.A.’s all across Europe, propelled them to a bigger stage, playing at top events including Bonzai party’s Loveparade 2002, Vibe, Fantastica and Unite-Parade to name just a few. They’ve released over 50 vinyl records and just as many digital releases. It was Ivo who, after a couple of decades since they last graced Bonzai Records, decided to send some of their new, modern material to Bonzai Progressive. Four new releases followed, along with a raft of remixes for other artists. But Cortex Thrill had remained active throughout the late 1990’s and 2000’s, releasing several singles and two albums on various labels, and collaborating with a host of top producers. They have a unique sound containing elements of tech house, trance and progressive house. Co-incidentally, this latest adventure on wax features a contemporary remake of Deep Infinity, one of their bigger tracks which also appeared on their last vinyl release for Bonzai Records, the 1995 cut titled, Infiltration EP.

This 12inch is packed with deep, undulating rhythms laced with magical melodies and driven by surging basses. Each track has rich characteristics that set them apart, yet they share common traits with mesmerizing charm. On the A-side, we have the fresh progressive grooves of Quantum Pulse, Levitania and Stela Manis. On the B-side, the new progressive sounds continue with Eternia and Singularity, while the classic musings of Deep Infinity gets a 2020 makeover.

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